EC Series

(BF) Bulkhead Male Connector

Contacts Part No Rated Voltage Rated Current Rated Impulse Voltage
2 EC02681-1123-BF  250V 10A 2500V
2 EC02681-1124-BF  250V 15A 2500V
3 EC03681-1123-BF  250V 10A 2500V
3 EC03681-1124-BF  250V 15A 2500V
4 EC04681-1114-BF  125V 15A 1500V
4 EC04681-1123-BF  250V 10A 2500V
5 EC05681-1113-BF  125V 10A 1500V
6 EC06681-1112-BF  125V 5A 1500V
8 EC08681-1112-BF  125V 5A 1500V

Applicable Condition And Product Materials

In Conformity To The Standards EN61984
Protection Level IP68
Mating Cycles ≥500
Contact Attachment Soldering
Contact Resistance ≤10mΩ
Environmental Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Pollution Degree 2
Overvoltage Category
Material Level
Plastic Material PA
Contact / Plating Copper Alloy / Gold Plating
O-Ring Silicone Rubber